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Kākā New Zealand was established as a boutique travel service by a China New Zealand partnership to promote unique experiences and Kiwi hospitality to discerning Chinese visitors in the most welcoming and generous manner possible. Having previously lived in China, the founders want visitors to experience wide open spaces and hidden getaways in New Zealand without the presence of other tourists all in one place. 


The New Zealand Kākā bird represents our name and logo because the phonetic sound of the two syllables in Chinese sounds like the "click-click" of a camera. Not quite like the screeching call of our endangered native parrot, but native birds need our protection, and hence a portion of our profits will go towards Kākā conservation efforts.

As New Zealand hosts, we value honesty and integrity.  We take great pride in Aotearoa, our environment and Maori heritage and culture.  

Our Services


Kākā New Zealand specialises in creating bespoke itineraries, unique experiences and luxury accommodation options for discerning Chinese visitors.

Besides highlighting scenic attractions and Maori culture, we also place special emphasis on Aotearoa's fine wines, fresh seafood and locally produced artisan foods. 

Our services can be exclusive and tailor-made or they can follow pre-planned tours, including luxury transport excursions for cruise ship passengers visiting Napier.

  • Luxury Lodge Accommodation 
  • Winery Tours
  • Gourmet Foods 
  • World-class Golf 
  • Maori Culture 
  • Scenic Walks 
  • Outdoor Experiences
  • VIP Corporate Events
  • Special Projects

Special Projects


Our Special Projects include the promotion of unique destination venues for corporate and private VIP events. This includes helping international clients to facilitate special functions and trade conferences in the Hawke's Bay. 

As China specialists, Kākā New Zealand also offers special access and inside knowledge to help New Zealand businesses reach consumers and clients within China. 

Our service includes producing Chinese language content for marketing, social media and point-of-sale that assists hospitality providers and tourism operators be fully prepared for the Chinese market. 

In association with Eastern Bridge Consulting, Kākā offers services on how to reach and manage the expectations and behavioral traits of Chinese customers, including insight into communication needs and cultural sensitivities.  

Meet the Team


Susanna has over 17 years-experience as a Chinese media producer and coordinator hosting international crews throughout China. She line-produced a number of television documentaries in China, including several that were broadcast by Al Jazeera. Susanna now brings that wealth of production planning and Chinese hospitality  experience to New Zealand, promoting Kākā in China and welcoming Chinese visitors.


Together, our co-founders Susanna and Campbell have a combined 50 years-experience, including travel planning and marketing communications in New Zealand and China. Their Chinese and Kiwi partnership represents the needs and interests of New Zealand operators in addition to the needs and interests of the Chinese FIT market to New Zealand.


As a media producer with 34 years-experience, Campbell is familiar with New Zealand’s iconic locations and key selling points. He was among the first to promote our scenic locations to Korean and Chinese advertising companies, and has spent much of his career in China's Greater Bay Area. Campbell now liaises with local hospitality providers and tour operators to promote our unique lifestyle experiences.


Famous and not so famous Chinese share their perspective and stories about what makes New Zealand amazing. 'What is the most important thing in the world? It is He Tangata - its people'. If you want to see humanity at its best, then we know a place!

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